International recognition for chemists
Two young research chemists from the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Debrecen have been honoured in Florence at the 2018 Conference of the International Symposium on Metal Complexes. Norbert Lihi was awarded the Fernando Pulidori Prize while Gizella Csire won a prize for her poster.
Getting closer to discovering the secrets of the universe
Physicists of the University of Debrecen also participated in the international research that succeeded in measuring the strength of the interaction between the two heaviest known particles, the Higgs boson and the t-quark.


University of Debrecen


23 Aug
14th Congress of the International Society for Experimental Microsurgery (ISEM)
21 Aug
Idén is megszervezi nyári Tudományos Táborát a Debreceni Egyetem Sántha Kálmán Szakkollégiuma.